Saturday, January 8, 2011

Franky Likes Laundry

We were like where's Franky? Turns out he was in the back room in complete darkness chilling out on my clothes pile.

Franky and his Cousins

This is Franky and his cousins. Emma is in the foreground, Coco is in the background. They are seen here trying to scrub food. If you look closely Franky is showing his teeth, he does that sometimes when he scrubs food. Anyway, Coco is the leader of the the pack, and Emma is Franky's girlfriend.

Franky the Sphinx

Some people think the Sphinx is an image of Ra, but not us.

Frank is a Glowing God from Outerspace

Take me to your meat

Franky the Grinch

If you want to make Franky miserable this is what you do.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Franky is a Dog of Convenience

Franky was like "Which toy should I fall asleep with?" And then he chose the closest one so that way he didn't have to move.

Franky was Born Cozy

Does Franky dream of super-cute sheep?